what os should nokia use for their tablet part 2

Nokia might release nokia tablet in nokia connect or nokia world this year.We as nokia fans does not want to see only windows coming out from nokia.We want nokia to have something in their tablets.so lets continue from where we have left off.

Firefox os.for now we not very sure whether do firefox os works in tablet.We aleardy see some firefox os phone in MWC but all are nothing special.Its pretty still in Beta stage.Though its light on resource which is good.

Ubuntu os.We see it being tested on tablets with bootloader unlock like the nexus 7 and nexus.Ubuntu os,the most popular limux desktop os set to take on the mobile world.Nexus 7 specs arent bad but ubuntu run on it sluggishly.For now,theres no core apps,video player dosent work and so on.The first ubuntu tablet will be out when ubuntu gradute out from ubuntu 12.04.As ubuntu needs atleast 2gb of ram,its worst than windows 8,making it diffcult for nokia to enter the low end tablet region.I dont recommond this at all.

Tizen os.The son of meego.Fully based on web apps technology(html5)like firefox os.Right now we havent see any device running tizen.Tizen has the highest HTML5 score with 494.It set to go up even more.Tizen is develop by intel and samsung.Set to use in phones but i do see tablets running it.it need atleast 1gb of ram to run it,which should be pretty standard by 2013.

Open webos.LG has recently brought it from hp.its a open source os so everyone can use it.it need atleast 1gb of ram which isnt a big deal.Multitasking on the open webos is top notch,which all nokia fans will like.Its pretty light on resouces too.The ui seem to fit tablet very well.Open webos isnt a bad choice

This is the last part and really looking forward about nokia first tablet.Good night and have a nice weekend.Written by @kok andy


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