HTC 8X vs Nokia Lumia 720

Now we go for the next comparison between Nokia Lumia 720 and HTC 8X,from what we all know both have same OS,the Windows Phone 8,HTc 8X is an HTC Windows Phone 8 flagship,its pretty standard smartphone
#1 Design,Nokia Lumia 720 is thinner than HTC 8X even with same screen size,Nokia Lumia720 comes with newer fabula design UI,simple and elegant,easy to carries and durable,while HTC 8x looks good too

#2 Apps: both have same Windows Phone store,but HTC 8X doesn’t have exclusive apps like Lumia series,its amazing and fast,there are many nokia Lumias exclusive apps,like Burton,red bull and etc

#3 Camera,maybe HTC have more megapixels than Nokia Lumia720,but the aperture are so small,making Lumia720 captures more light than HTC 8X,which is mean Nokia Lumia 720 have more light and more vivid than HTC 8X

#4 Screen HTC have 720p display without clearblack like display,and Lumia 720 still have wvga/wxga screen display/480p,htc maybe the winner here,meanwhile Lumia720 have clearblack its amazing technology we ever seen

#5 Pricing,of course Lumia720 are cheaper than 8X because its not Nokias flagship,meanwhile the 8X are too costly for some people with standard specs I think,but still its a good phone too
Conclusion: its depends on you , want to take great lowlight pictures,amazing durability,slim and socialable phone better you go for 720 🙂


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