Nokia EOS and Catwalk wins against Samsung Galaxy S4

Nokia Lumia EOS is the clear winner this year,beats Galaxy S4,HTC one,and Xperia Z feature,with the richest technology ever,Nokias Stephen Elop believe that EOS will carries Lumia to be no #1 smartphone series above Samsung Galaxy and apples iPhone,well we just hoping that the new Stephen Elop startegy will huge success and everybody buy Lumia,in everywhere and anywhere,with the new Lumia EOS and Catwalk Microsoft also believe it will be huge success and it will get major microsoft promotion,ads in everywhere: TV,magazines,newspaper,radio and all of them
Lumia EOS reportedly have a Quad Core S800 processor???,water proof,amazing under water shot,and carries super zooming,dual xenon and dual led flash,micro sd?,newer super sensitive touch screen and new clearblack+PureMotione
Meanwhile the Lumia catwalk to compete the S4 with better specs and cameras,thinner,lighter,xenonflash?,micro sd?,new PureMotion?
Well finger crossed to make Nokia dream comes true
Lumia EOS price can be more than $699(off contracts,subsidy or tax)
While Lumia catwalk $529(off contract,subsidy or tax)
Thanks for reading hope youl always enjoyed our post πŸ˜€ happy weekend


6 thoughts on “Nokia EOS and Catwalk wins against Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. Wow, for a high-tech fan and Nokia fan all these facts sound like christmas, birthday and the best devices ever! Go for it, ship it, make us proud πŸ˜‰
    Nokia Lumia EOS would be a great name for this device, not only as codename, coz Canon has no patent on EOS!

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