Nokia Lumia 720 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 mini vs Sony Xperia P(Updated)



Today after comparing Lumia 520 vs Galaxy Ace 2 vs Xperia U now we comparing Nokia Lumia 720vsGalaxyS3minivsXperiaP
#1 Design
The Lumia using their fabula design,it looks slim,stylish,elegant and light,the Xperia P looks good also with their aluminum back while the ugliest one:the Galaxy S3 mini,it looks not durable,ugly,cheap plastic,and not easy to hold
Winner:Lumia720 and Xperia P

#2 Smoothness
Lumia720 running on Windows Phone 8 OS,while S3 mini have jelly bean and ice cream sandwich on Xperia P,in both Xperia P and S3 mini looks very laggy,and crashy too,that’s making the users battery live are very short

#3 Camera
Lumia720 has 6.7MP camera with 1.9 aperture which is takes more better low light than Xperia P and S3mini,the daylight picture also looks promising in the Lumia720,xperia p also looks good but not natural and over saturated

#4 battery life:
The Lumia720 have 2000 mAh battery life,its more bigger than the S3mini or Xperia P,in Lumia720 there also a wireless charging,its so easy to use,simple and elegant,just put it on the wireless charging accessories

#5 mapping technology
In the mapping technology Nokia maps (now HERE maps) always been better than google maps,its free,friendly,details,and easy to use,makes people live easier than ever,makes people know what’s the fastest direction/shortcuts,turn by turn are very amazing too

#6 Apps+Games
In the Lumia720 you have XBOX Live its amazing multiplayer game center,it have many supports from Games publisher,slick,not laggy and of course very smooth,in Xperia P you can get PlayStation store/network,it looks good too,meanwhile Galaxy S3 mini doesn’t have anything to show here
Apps:Google play store have more apps than Windows Phone store but in WP store you can download trusted app without malware or ads + not crashy and laggy like android,their growth are faster than iOS or Android
Winner: tie

#7 OS
As I told you above the Lumia720 runs windows phone 8 OS,while the XP and S3 mini running on Android
In WP,its totally unique,newer and better UI,smooth and fast movements,live tiles always updated makes my life better,I can see tweet,facebook notifications,email,missed calls,sms or anything on my live tiles,its unique and easy to use,it much more better than Android with a WP8 launcher/theme
winner: NokiaLumia720

#8 Screen
The Lumia720 packed with super sensitive touch screen and laminated glass makes there’s no outdoor glare,with Lumia720 you can touch the screen with thick gloves,pen,pencil,stylus,leaf and many more,but still avoid the unwanted touch,and Lumia720 also have clearblack,makes your viewing experience better under direct sunlight,while Xperia P have white magic,it looks like clear black but still not good,but atleast its better than S3mini

#9 Music+Video
In the Lumia720 which have the Dolby Technology and 2 HAAC mics makes it have far more better recording and music play quality than S3 mini and Xperia P,Lumia720 are more crisper and more details too,its not making your ear bleeding like Samsung phones even the flagship one,yes Xperia P is the runner up here 🙂

So our conclusion is Lumia720 are far more worth to buy than any other Android phone at the same price 🙂
Its truly bang for the buck,love this movements nokia! Keep it up!
Btw thanks for reading 😀


3 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 720 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 mini vs Sony Xperia P(Updated)

  1. this sounds way too biased. i know this is a nokia page, but they way within which you have constructed an argument in each sub-topic, you seemed to be in favour of the lumia 720 way too much. personally i would go back and review OS & apps and games. Clearly the winner in each of those sections is Sony. None the less, nokia is the OVERALL WINNER! yeah bwoi!

  2. Did research on S3mini v/s Nokia Lumia 720, only problem is the 720 not having FM Radio and it has Windows, but overall Nokia Lumia 720 still rules, but ppl are more interested in Android as they have many apps in comparison to the Lumia phones

    • Well actually 720 have FM Radio chips but still not activated till GDR2.0 update ,and Windows its different than Windows 7 in pc which is have many viruses but in Windows Phone its totally different,their apps are growing faster than Android,their Metro UI style makes people love it than same iOS like UI on Android+theres tons of ads with Malware and spying issue on it

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