Nokia Lumia 520 vs Samsung Galaxy Ace vs Sony Xperia U

Nokia Lumia 520 the stylish elegant and affordable Windows Phone is just launched and we go hands one for a while,we doing comparison side by side,from design Lumia520 win with its fabula design,and not by cheap plastic which is not durable,the supersensitive screen looks awesome in the Lumia520 while Ace 2 can’t do that
Then we go for smoothness,the Ace 2 are very laggy,unresponsive,and too slick design which is not comfortable to use,the WP UI looks more elegant,fast and amazing transactions looks attractive and not boring unlike the boring touchwiz ui on samsung ace 2,in Xperia U its slightly faster than Ace 2 but of course Lumia520 wins again,Xperia U without micro SD makes people are afraid to buy that,unlike the Lumia520 it has 64GB micro sd card slot and pretty amazing display,we love it and everyone too!
After we go hands on we will compare Galaxy S3 mini vs Lumia720 vs HTC 8S its coming soon ,so #StayTuned everyone 🙂


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