The reasons,why Nokia didnt releasing a Lumia Flagship at MWC?



Why Nokia didn’t launch a flagship device at MWC 2013?
here’s our list
#1 Afraid samsung to copy some Nokia Flagship features,because in March 14 samdung will release the S4,or maybe other company will copied it
#2 Seeing Nokia potential competitors
#3 if the flagship come,the Lumia920 price will be dropped an the Nokia stocks jump down so quickly
#4 While they’re seeing the markets,they’re improving the technology,and finding bugs too+ maybe they’re start to produce that phone
#5 Waiting Microsoft Windows Blue update? From rumors who have already flying,we know that Windows Blue to bring:
1. IE 11 it will be the fastest browsers
2. Battery life improvements
3. lighter and faster
4. More secure and connected
5. VPN for Windows phone
6. More social networks integration
7. total integration between Windows 8,RT,and WP8
8. Bug fixes and Dual sim support for WP?
9. bringing Notification center,and background pictures?
10. More apps and games 🙂
#6 bringing the combination between PV1 and 2 + ultra zooming and bigger aperture
#7 waiting for better stocks and availability
#8 waiting for more carriers support

So that’s the reasons why nokia didn’t launch a flagship in Mobile World Congress 2013 🙂
Thanks for reading,we hope you’ll enjoyed it
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2 thoughts on “The reasons,why Nokia didnt releasing a Lumia Flagship at MWC?

  1. I think nokia did not introduce their flagship mobile jaust because they want to introduce 1080p screen in mobile. But right now windows8 does not support 1080p screen resolution.

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