Nokia will not releasing EOS at Mobile World Congress?+MWC prediction



Hmmm likely Nokia will not releasing the EOS at Mobile World Congress 2013 because it seems nokia to see the markets and improve the features,so likely Nokia just releasing the Lumia520,720,and maybe Catwalk and Laser with camera improvements,of course Nokia will release some high and mid end Asha we also hoping that Asha will run S60 and nokia will called it S60 Asha,so it can multitasking,don’t forget operator billing apps and services,more games and all swipe/completely buttonless to compete low end Android ICS or JB,of course the battery and multitasking will be better than those low end androids,the swipe will makes MeeGo and Symbian users happy,and will buy some Asha phones,than that Asha can be called as True Smartphone without doubt!
Nokia Laser heading to verizon it can be a catwalk variant for Verizon,its slim,light and more durable
RX 108? A 10.8 inch tablet from Nokia? But I don’t think they will launch it at Mobile World Congress
Nokia PlayTo,Photosynth,Here Maps to be announced at MWC?
The reasons why EOS will not shows up at MWC:
No teaser yet
Many reliable source it will launch around Q3-Q4
See the markets,and seeing potential nokia competitors phone
IllumiRoom for Lumia EOS? To make breakthrough in gaming departement?
Wait Full Xbox720/whatever it called,intergration?
Mobile World Congress are going to be Awesome!,Full of awesome ness
How do you think? Share your thoughts on the comments section below
#SwitchToNokia #NokiaMWC #MWC2013
We can’t wait ! How about you?


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