Its Coming!!!! Everything is about to change



Nokia is about to release its high end smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2013 in MWC 2013 nokia will introduce many Phones in Lumia and Asha lineup,everybody are wondering,what’s the next Nokia Innovation?,What’s the new technology from Nokia?,What’s new features on the new Lumia flagship?what’s the price? And what’s making it mindblowing?
All your question will be answered at Mobile World Congress,in barcelona Spain,the event will start at 25 february so better you always visit our blog because we will report you the fastest and informal news to you at #MWC2013
Btw the HTC one I think nothing new there,just a copy of Windows Phone Live Tiles/start screen,and a PureView mimic (they’re doing it badly :D)
Nokia will kill it soon just 4-5 days to go!!!
We are very excited!!!!!
How about you?
Leave your comments at the comments section below


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