what os should nokia use for tablets part 1

there some rumors flying around about the possiblities of nokia making a tablet to fight the likes of ipad.nokia are now open for options on what os they gonna use for their tablet.symbian is out of question so is meego

you might argue that nokia should have just release nokia senna tablet 2 years ago but it was cancelled due to some problem in battery.the biggest showstopper is because it dosent support LTE.nokia have more than 50 percent of LTE patents yet not having a LTE phone is intel/meego to blame.senna cant support LTE lead to nokia finding more options to run on their tablet.nokia air aka symbian for tablet require data all the time and its only a concept in nokia,not meant to be taken serious.so now 2013,which os can nokia use for its tablet?

windows RT…resource hungry,limited SOC to use.need atleast 1gb of ram and quad core processor and a really poor eco system.with not more than 30000 apps,it pale against 300000 make just for ipad apps.windows RT also miss lot of function that are on pro version.windows RT might be on nokia tablets but for me it isnt going to be the best choice.if you wonder about the agreement nokia sign in feb 11 for using only wp as their smartphone os but that does not mean they have to only use windows 8 for their tablet os.nokia isnt exactly happy about the results that lumia smartphone division is generating.

Windows 8 pro.require intel processor which is expensive.both RT and windows 8 pro isnt going to help nokia in 7 inch cheap tablet segment which is very popular.not having the os to reach 7 inch tablet will definelty hurt nokia overall tablet sales.windows 8 pro even though the best os for tablet will cost like a mountain.As you see,no tablet that cost the same or more than the ipad have ever been successful.windows tablet might made nokia to produce.pricing is now really important.there actually a huge debate on the os nokia should use for tablet in nokia.

Android…a open source os which has linux as its kernel.support all kind of SOC from arm to intel.a tablet ui but apps that are not design for tablet isnt gonna help.but improvements all that should be coming soon.android will help nokia in all tablet segment of tablet but its quite crowded.with almost every company are using android as their tablet os so nokia might have some difficulty to snatch some market share.though able to get 1 percent of the market share will be a huge number.1 big advantage,android is free so no need to pay royalties.

Sailfish os…even though we only see this os on a phone only.this os is also capable to run on tablet.sailfish os is a true linux os that is also truely open source.its use the core of nemo and is a group of people that used to work in nokia.They focus on multitasking which is going to bring tablet closer to the technology of computer.Sailfish os not a really congested os will give nokia more chance.it has a ablitiy to run android apps and its free too!!!i personally think this is the best choice

There will be part 2 where we talk about firefox,ubuntu and tizen.fell free to express you thoughts and tell use which os is the best for nokia to use in tablet.written by @kok andy .have a nice weekend and chinese new year 🙂


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