Samsung REX compared To Asha lineups

Samsung just launched the REX series when I see the phones,its seems ugly and cheap plastic and not durable,its not worth for the money,they wants to targets the Asha lines but do that poorly,and look at the UI,its looks like android,unstylish,uncustomizable,and not cute
Then I compared it with Asha UI it looks chubby,attractive,fun,and friendly,conmpared to samsung REX UI its so boring,its ugly,un fashionable,hard to use,not friendly and more
The Asha do swipe like meego,and its amazing the Meego like UI makes people reminds N9 the most stylish smartphone at that time
So I think The Asha is far more better than REX series
And don’t forget Asha have exclusive Apps,better battery live and attractive šŸ™‚
Just my opinion but that’s a fact !
Thanks for reading šŸ™‚


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