Nokia Lumia 920:Perfect for Socialize and Business :-)



The next generation Lumia,Lumia 920 have the best social integration,faster,and better notifications and always updated,keeping you business moving and fast+fluid experience making you love windows phone,you can re size the tiles into bigger one or smaller one,you can see newest notifications from lockscreen,kids corner making your phones are safe for children,high powered PureView technology+CarlZeiss lens make you can take your best shot with it,the durability is mind blowing,Deep Facebook,twitter,LinkedIn,4square and more social networking,faster email notifications,and always makes you stay connected
With Nokia Locations app like Nokia Drive+,Nokia Maps,Nokia City Lens,Nokia Transport,Nokia Parking making you like a local and giving a right adress to your business partners
With Wireless charging it simply awesome just put your phones in top of wireless charging devices (Qi powered) it simple and fast
You can create rooms,family hub,people hub and more,its real time and fast updates making you never miss a single moments
Lumia920 the most innovative smartphone ever 🙂
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