EXCLUSIVE!!! Nokia 6 Lumia Phones detailed PreView :-)



Today I would like to tell you about Nokia 6 Lumia phones road map+tablets
The first is Lumia Zeal/Lumia 720,the Lumia 720 will replace the Lumia 710 packed with 4” inch display featuring 480X800 8mp camera with single led flash/with out flash,Lumia Zeal likely will packed with 512/768mb ram,dual core S4 processor with Adreno 225/305 gpu,newer design and likely it probably thinner than lumia 820 or 710,with around 1400-1600 mAh battery,and Clearblack display
The #2 Phone is Laser it destined with Verizon
Nokia Laser is a new Lumia920 improvements/successor its thinner,lighter,and better,it might be come with 12/16mp cameras with major improvements in daylight shots
The #3rd phone is Lumia PureView EOS the all new Nokia flagship with Mind Blowing cameras and features,blow all gadgets out from water,it will compete samdung gaylaxy s4 when it launch,it can be waterproof phone,newer lenses/sensor to make it thinner but more optimized
It can be 1080p screen phone too
The #4th phone is Nokia Lumia catwalk,catwalk will replace Lumia 920 with higher specs,features,battery and major improvements in PureView technology
The #5 Phone is likely Lumia 520 the 510 successor with 4 inch display likely,with more improvements in cameras,better storage and its the prefect for people who wants wp8 smartphone with affordable price
The #6 ??? Flexible smartphone??? The 6 phones still mistery but our source said it can be a True futuristic device there’s no more details about the 6th phones
Tablets,The Lumia Slate S RT and Pro can be released this year to compete iPad and surface,and likely there’s Lumia Slate mini (just speculation only if there’s windows blue or windows 8 can optimized in7-8 inch screen which is more affordable)
So that’s our Exclusive news hope you’ll enjoyed it and don’t forget to share this to all kind of social network/emails do you have 🙂
ATTENTION: all this info maybe not 100% corrects


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