Nokia PureView EOS details and preview

Today I will talk about the next generation of PureView,PureView is a nokia branding for a high end camera phone to compete all camera phones,with PureView you can get the best details,lowlight shot,not afraid of shaky hands
Today our trusted source gave all the details about the next PureView,the whole new PureView is a combination between phase 1 and phase 2,with project EOS Nokia want to give something mindblowing to the users,capturing mindblowing result in all light conditions,faster capture,mind blowing video recording,best details,better OIS,and maybe you can easily record or shoot under water,high powered xenon/led flash,and it will replace dslr. With the new PureView,Nokia will blow all phones,its the best camera phone you’ll see 🙂
All will be revealed soon
Any ideas about next PureView? You can share your ideas on the comments section below


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